As a mom, I know that having a baby is an exciting time, but I also know it’s a time filled with many questions, challenges and expenses. Lets face it, moms have the hardest job out there! On average, a new mother changes diapers 10 times per day, nurses 8-10 times per day, does 4 extra loads of laundry per week and sleeps less than 6 hours per day!

When it comes to your baby, there is nothing you won’t do. 

With all that said, if you’re like me, you want products that are easy, convenient, affordable and of high quality, but most importantly, products that are safe and healthy for your baby. That’s where Ethikos Market and nuababy come in!

Why choose nuababy products?

I admit, before having kids, the thought of using cloth diapers never crossed my mind let alone selling them! I believed the common myths that cloth diapers are messy, smelly, inconvenient, unsanitary and simply don’t work as well. That stigma changed when I was introduced to nuababy products.

Top reasons clients use nuababy products!

Baby’s Safety – nuababy products are natural and made without harmful chemicals or materials.

Baby’s Comfort – ditch the pins and velcro. nuababy cloth diapers are soft, breathable and cozy for baby to wear.

Complete –from birth to potty training, nuababy’s patent-pending one-size-fits-all solutions include all the necessities and luxuries of cloth diapering. 

Sustainable – both for your wallet and for the environment. nuababy products are made with eco-friendly materials and are biodegradable. Families who choose cloth over disposable diapers see up to 75% savings.

Effective – nuababy’s unique adjustable double-gusset drawstring and overlapping soaker set absorb moisture and prevent messy leaks.

Adorable – nuababy’s products come in a range of fun unisex colors and patterns.